Turbosmart IWG75 TWIN PORT - NISSAN GTR R35 - 7PSI

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Turbosmart's new Twin Port Internal Wastegate Actuators bring a new dimension of control to the R35's twin turbo setup. Whereas traditional internal wastegate actuators utilise a single pressure port to operate the actuator, Turbosmart's Twin Port actuators feature a second pressure port to a separate chamber.

The pressure differential between the two sealed champers creates a dynamic force which overcomes the spring force inside the actuator. The result is a new level of boost control that can rival an external wastegate, with a smoother and more responsive boost curve under all operating conditions and a greater range between maximum and minimum boost, compared to a conventional single port actuator. 

The Twin Port for the R35 GTR is a direct fit replacement for the standard wastegate actuators. 

The kit includes two Twin Port IWGs for the R35's two turbos, as well as a custom designed bracket and rod, meaning all the benefits of superior boost control are available without any custom fabrication or special tools. 

Supplied with: Bracket and Fitting Hardware (2x 1/16th Nipples + Blanks, 2x Swivel Nipples), Pin Type Clevis End and Nut, Brown/Pink 7psi Outer Spring (installed).