Suzuki Swift ROAD Gripper Diff (Mk3 1.6)

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Suzuki Swift ROAD Gripper Diff (Mk3 1.6)

About the Gripper Multi-Plate Road Spec Differential

The Gripper Limited Slip Differential uses a multi-plate design which, when it detects a difference in wheels speed across the driven axle, locks the driveshafts together increasing traction. This increase in traction equates to faster launches and increased corner exit speeds as the wheels are no longer spinning as they would with an open diff. Torque is equalised across the driven wheels sending drive torque to both whereas an open diff will send the torque to the spinning wheel wasting drive in tyre smoke! Understeer and oversteer characteristics are reduced and your car is faster as a result.

For a more detailed explanation on how a multi-plate limited slip differential works, please click the following link What is a limited slip differential?

Gripper Road Spec Limited Slip Diff Set Up

A common argument against a plate diff fitted into a road car was that they were too noisy and too aggressive in action. Not so with a Gripper diff. Using the correct ramp angles, pre-load and plates, when your Gripper diff is set up for road use, you can expect a smooth progressive action that will not upset the balance of the car mid bend and will be almost silent in operation. You will enjoy more grip and traction for a more controlled, better handling and faster car. More so than the equivalent car using an open, geared or viscous diff!

A Gripper road diff is generally set up with 40/65 ramp block for more lock in acceleration than deceleration to give a smooth locking action on acceleration out of a corner for increased traction and cornering speed, with less locking action under braking to eliminate the chance of undsteer coming into the corner. Preload of 50NM is common across the road diff range to ensure the diff is active only when required and when the diff is set with less active plates (50% is normal on the road range) the locking action on acceleration is smooth, progressive and controlled without unwanted torque-steer. The plates themselves have minute oil grooves machined into them which allows a microscopic layer of oil to be pumped between them which improves the plates ability to lock and unlock smoothly and reduces plate chatter (the clicking noise different plate designs make when the car is negotiating tight slow turns such as pulling out of junctions or car park manoeuvres) to make the Gripper Road Differential range almost silent in operation). The plates also have a very long service life compared with other plate designs making a Gripper differential almost a fit and forget solution.

If you want to go racing in the future, the diff can easily be setup for any race formula simply by changing the position of the ramp block, activating more plates and resetting the prload.

Gripper Lifetime Warranty

For customers peace of mind, all Gripper Diffs are covered by a lifetime warranty against poor workmanship and inferior materials. Gripper Diffs are made of aero quality steel and are built to tight tolerances which make them one of the most reliable and sought after transmission products on the market.

Learn more about the Gripper Lifetime Warranty