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Many fuel tanks (both standard and aftermarket) whilst sometimes baffled cannot always guarantee a constant supply of fuel to the fuel pump situated inside. This problem occurs mainly under high G cornering or braking, especially when the volume of fuel in the tank is below half.

​When cornering at speed or braking under load the fuel inside the petrol tank is thrown from side to side, or front to back which on many occasions can leave the fuel pump starved of supply. On a road car this issue is less likely to occur due to speed restrictions and fewer long corners, however in motorsport this is a very common and widely recognised issue seen on many race tracks, rally stages and oval circuits.


Currently the most common option to combat fuel starvation is to either further improve the baffling system inside the fuel tank or alternatively fit a fuel swirl pot.


So why our integrated fuel swirl tank & what's the advantages?


Currently the majority of fuel swirl pots on the market are nothing more than an empty, sealed container. The purpose of a swirl pot is to catch a constant supply of fuel exiting the fuel tank in order to feed a secondary fuel pump (which then it turn feeds the engine). Should the "in tank" fuel pump see any temporary loss of fuel pick up then there should be enough fuel retained in the swirl pot to still feed the engine, therefore avoiding any fuel cut to the injectors. In order to use a swirl pot the fuel pump has to be located on the outside of the tank between the fuel pump and the engine, which means various hose and fitting connections, added weight and utilising valuable space within the vehicle.


Another issue which can arise when using the popular Bosch 044 or RL300B fuel pump is that the pumps can become noisy and overheat if they are asked to both pull and push fuel through to the engine. Ideally a Bosch / RL300B works best when it is emerged in the fuel it needs to pump forward, removing the need for the pump to pull fuel through from the tank / swirl pot.


​Our integrated fuel surge tanks internally house either the Bosch 044 or RL300B which provides a stable fuel supply to the pump, negates the need for the pump to "pull" and reduces space, hose and fitting requirements.


Technical Information:


• Machined From 6061 Aluminium Billet
• Polish Casing with Piano Black Anodised Surface
• Military Specification Hermetically Sealed Quick Release Connector
• Aircraft Grade Wiring Loom• Viton O-Ring Sealed Lid & Base
• Adjustable Mounting Base Plate


• Supplied As Standard with the Following Port Sizes:
     o AN-6 (9/16 JIC) Outlet (To Engine)
     o AN-6 (9/16 JIC) Inlet (From Lift Pump)
     o AN-6 (9/16 JIC) Return (From Engine)
     o AN-6 (9/16 JIC) Overflow (Back To Tank)

• 1.2 Litres Capacity when Fuel Pump Installed
• Kit Includes All Necessary Fittings, Plus Adapter for Fuel Filter Bag
• Can Utilize RL300B, Bosch 044 or Bosch 044M (FP200)
• Larger AN-8 (3/4 JIC) Fittings Available As An Option