R53 Turbo Manifold

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The R53 Turbo Manifold

This Manifold has been one of our most popular Items over the years. Designed and manufactured here in the Uk! We made the first one of these over 8 years ago and since then, they have been getting better and better. Striving for excellence we now use a Billet collector as standard on these manifolds. 

Utilising 1.25” sch10 primary runners and a 40mm V-Band wastegate exit, this exhaust manifold has been used on multiple builds now varying from 250-500+ WHP. Our go to turbo for these is the Gtx2860/67. These are brilliant turbos for anything road/track related. However it budget is less of and issue, the Owens GBT turbos are an absolute Masterpiece!

Available in 3 different Flange options. 

“Small” will fit Garrett Gtx2860/67 gen2 turbos using the Garret 0.57-0.72 back housings. 

“Large” will fit Garrett G series, Garrett Gtx3071/76, Gtx3576/82


“Tial” will fit Owen Developments GBT range, and ANYTHING with a Tial exhaust housing.   

This product is made to order and is a 1-6 week wait, please get in touch for accurate lead times and International shipping.